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Investment Management for Native Americans, Outfitters, Hunters & Trappers

Native American Clients

The firm is a Registered Investment Advisor and serves as the oldest Native American investment management firm in the United States. Founded in 1995, the firm has 100% Native American ownership. The firm provides investment management and consults to Native American Tribes, Tribal Colleges, Tribal and Casino 401-K retirement plans and foundations.

Chippewa Partners is a Life Member of the National Congress of American Indians, was the Co-Investment Advisor to the 4 Winds Fund, the first Native American mutual fund, and provides wealth management services designed to protect and enhance serious money.

Why should Native American entities and tribal fiduciaries do business with Chippewa Partners? We believe that Native American tribes, institutions and individuals should endeavor to cultivate relationships with Native American businesses that offer the highest quality, world-class products and services. As investment managers our experience, ability and longevity have no equal in Indian Country. Chippewa Partners was the first Registered Investment Advisor with Native American ownership.

At Chippewa Partners we are committed to the growth of Native American wealth, even for the generations of Native children yet unborn. The American Indian Trust Fund Reform Act places further responsibility on Native American fiduciaries to make sure that Native American assets are invested prudently with investment management firms, not Wall Street brokerage firms or banks.

Our philanthropic interests lie in the area of Native American education scholarships. Our scholarship for Native American students speaks clearly of our promotion for Native American economic development and empowerment. Today, for reservation and urban Native Americans, human capital development is the critical step in building an economic base in Native American communities. The Chairman of Chippewa Partners, Dean T. Parisian has endowed a significant $50,000 scholarship at the University of Minnesota specifically for Native American students in the study of business, economics and finance.

Chippewa Partners provides a range of wealth management services designed to protect and enhance retirement, guardianship and trust assets. We are a fee-only firm and for over 30 years have combined our expertise with dedicated professionalism. Our focus is on portfolio growth and preservation. Our results have built loyal relationships with clients who rely on personalized advice for their serious wealth.

To begin working with us just give us a call. You'll get more than a sales pitch; you'll get a partner for life. We know what to do and are prepared to make your investment success our highest priority. We encourage tribal fiduciaries to examine our experience and performance. Portfolios are managed and customized to meet specific investment objectives. For further information please call us in strict confidence at 877-772-1621.