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Investment Management for Native Americans, Outfitters, Hunters & Trappers


At Chippewa Partners our mission is simple, to preserve and grow the assets of our clients. Our goal is to provide consistent returns with a strong focus on managing risk. Money management is what we do. Our approach integrates a diversified portfolio design with disciplined risk control. We know that to preserve and grow serious wealth takes hard work and the discipline to weather market turbulence. Clients rely on our ability to manage their investments in a disciplined process and we understand the unique requirements of high caliber client relationships. We focus each day on the growth and preservation of our client’s assets. It is our only focus.

We take pride in our discipline and competitive drive while we assume the responsibility of managing the assets of our valued clients. We stay focused on what we do best. We remain isolated from opinions in the media and from Wall Street in understanding stock market behavior. Our commitment to clients is paramount in providing consistent portfolio growth. We believe it is a privilege to work for our clients and we invite you to visit our offices. We will review our techniques for interpreting information and explain our world-class fee structure. You will learn about our relationships, from floor traders at the NYSE to distinguished clients, for the better we understand each other, the more effective our relationship.

Clients know that the serious money we manage for them is serious business. Managing money for busy people with other things to think about deserves serious attention. Our expertise and track record developed over 30 years, balances financial acumen and absolute integrity. Recognize that what distinguishes Chippewa Partners is not only our assignment to manage investments for growth, but an important means for allowing clients to do the things that are most important to them. Like you, our plans, hopes and dreams inspire us every day. We are grateful for the opportunity to help clients with their goals and dreams and to improve the quality of their lives.