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Investment Management for Native Americans, Outfitters, Hunters & Trappers

Hunters & Trappers

Growing up across the Great Plains, a grandson of two very respectable trappers and the son of one of the finest rifle shots he has ever known, put Dean Parisian in a very unique position growing up.

Dean Parisian has been a trapper and hunter his entire life. He was raised on wild, remote Indian reservations across Montana, North and South Dakota and in the prairie country of Minnesota. Mr. Parisian trapped many states during the 1970’s and still hunts and traps as much as his schedule permits. He is a Life Member of the NRA, a Life Member of three state trapping organizations, in Tennessee, Minnesota and Georgia and a Life Member of the Georgia Ornithological Society. Dean spends a majority of his outdoors time gunning waterfowl with his sons or chasing trophy mule deer or elk when his team isn’t after whitetails in Tennessee or Georgia.

Chippewa Partners manages the investments for many great hunters. outfitters, trappers and guides; some are widely known and contribute greatly to their respective sport and many who are little known and prefer it that way. They entrust us with their serious retirement money and life savings and we work extremely hard in protecting and growing their assets. We help clients manage their retirement investments who live across the United States, from coast-to-coast and in Alaska.

We do business with our clients as friends, with people we can relate too, with clients who understand us as we understand them. Our success has come by making others successful.

We do what is best for you and your hard-earned assets.

We know that no matter the size of your investment portfolio it needs professional attention and supervision and we welcome inquiries from outdoorsman, hunters, trappers, outfitters, bird watchers, ranchers, game biologists and guides across North America.