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Investment Management for Native Americans, Outfitters, Hunters & Trappers

Chippewa Partners is a Life Member of the National Congress of American Indians, was the Co-Investment Advisor to the 4 Winds Fund, the first Native American mutual fund and provides wealth management services designed to protect and enhance serious money.

The firm’s emphasis is on managing retirement assets.

As well, the firm manages the family assets for the family of one of the most respected surgeons in the field of cancer, the late Dr. William W. Shingleton. Dr. Shingleton was the founding director of the Duke University Comprehensive Cancer Center and a member of the Board of Directors of AFLAC, a Fortune 200 insurance company with headquarters in Columbus, GA. We’re privileged to have represented Dr. Shingleton’s interests in the financial markets and are honored to represent the interests of the family for a man who gave so much to find a cure for cancer.

We also manage assets for clients across North America. Our clients reside near the cold waters of Alaska to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and from the high desert areas of the west to the low hot confines of tropical Florida and in many remote areas of the United States that Native America inhabits.

The following questions should be considered prior to selecting an investment manager. Any advisor that has a commission-driven agenda in providing investment advice should be respectfully challenged. We have told investors to be very careful before they turned over their life savings and their financial future to a broker whose first job is to keep their job, not grow or preserve their money.

It is our goal to help prospective clients make informed decisions and we’re available to answer questions and to enhance a comfort level with our professional services.

We invite you to meet with us.

What is the experience and credentials of the advisory firm?
How often can we review our portfolio?
What is the total cost? Are there hidden fees? How are fees paid?
What is the advisor’s philosophy regarding money management?
Has there ever been legal action taken against the investment advisor?
Am I comfortable with the firms’ investment strategy?